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Educating the Customer is CRUCIAL......

Most businesses fall short on EDUCATING the customer on the services or products that they sell.    We believe that this is neither smart nor beneficial.   In order for the homeowner and consumer to make the RIGHT decision, he / she MUST BE INFORMED in order to make a smart purchase.   Without the right information and appropriate tools, you are at the mercy of someone who may not be looking out for your best interest.   At VANDERBROOK AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING, INC., you'll find that our employees really care about what they do.   We want you to be happy with our product and our service.   We love to talk about what we do.   We love to share our opinions, experiences and knowledge with the homeowner.    We hope that you will take that information and utilize it to make the right decision for YOU.    We welcome any and all questions and we are more than happy to provide any information that we can on the goods and services that we offer.     We want you to ask us as many questions as possible.   In the end, you'll find that our company offers customer service that far exceeds most other companies and the expertise and experience that we offer to you is something that you cannot put a value on.   When you choose OUR company, you are choosing 3 generations of knowledge, skills, expertise and customer service that, when combined, equals TOTAL COMFORT and PEACE OF MIND. Please browse through the Glossary Section to familiarize yourself on some of the terms of this industry, and their meanings, so that you can better understand the equipment and how air conditioning systems work.   You can also visit our Tech Talk page and visit our Blog to see what our expert technicians are saying and how you can improve the efficiency and performance of your systems.   We offer these tools to you because, frankly........WE CARE.   The more you understand, the better informed you are.   The more informed you are, the more likely you are to MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.   With VANDERBROOK AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING, INC., you are making the right decision.    

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